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Ambassador Application

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Ambassador ApplicationAmbassador ApplicationAmbassador ApplicationAmbassador ApplicationAmbassador ApplicationAmbassador Application

Thank you for completing your online application with us. You have landed on this page because your application has been successful, CONGRATULATIONS! To continue, select
an item of clothing from above. We will then send you an email invite to unlock your full rewards. All items on this page have been discounted compared to the public part of the website so your discount is already in affect.

Ambassadors Get:
- a 25%+ discount
- commission on sales
- Instagram Shout outs
- Twitter Shout outs
- Facebook Shout outs
- Wristband (for expos)
- access to competitions
- access to clothing before anyone
- & much more

We can't wait for you to join the team and we are very excited to see what the future holds for YOU and us. If you need help with sizing information regarding gaining thousands of followers per month on social media please see below:

Hoodies Sizing:

Leggings Sizing:

athlete is 55kg,
5ft & wears an XS

- Get Thousand of followers with Instaboost: in a nut shell, instaboost is a service where an automated follow for a follow service is placed on your account. It attracts other users to follow you by following them first. This is generally known as a "Follow for a Follow" but on a mass scale without manually having to do it for yourself.

These users are targeted by you, you tell us what users you want for us to target and we'll do the rest. So if you want die hard fitness fanatics to follow you, consider it done. 

After purchase we'll send you an e-mail. You will be asked to confirm some of your information as well as the types of followers you would like and the service can begin from there. Guaranteed 1,500 - 3,500 organic targeted followers every month whilst using the service. 




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