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Welcome to AlterEgo Fitness #UPGRADEYOURWORKOUT

Sponsored Athletes pack

Sponsored Athletes Welcome Pack

Congratulations on becoming a sponsored athlete for AlterEgo Fitness, please read this page in full to avoid any infringements in accordance to your agreement with us.

Instagram Posts:

- The agreed amount of posts should always include promotion for AlterEgo Fitness only, please do not mention, tag or hashtag any other individuals or entity's.

- Each post must include a mention in the description to follow @AlterEgo_Fitness

- Each post must include your discount link

- In each post you must tag our instagram page @AlterEgo_Fitness to do this upload a photo, click edit and then tag

- Each post must be short so followers can avoid clicking "read more" or continue

- Each post must have at least a 48 hour window within each other

- If this criteria is not met, your post will not be counted towards the total amount of agreed posts

Other Minor Details:

- You can NOT be affiliated or sponsored by any other clothing brand

- You can wear other brands in posts, but do NOT promote them with any mentions or hashtags

- We can not promote you on recruitment posts if we decide to use your image

- This sponsorship is for one month and can be renwed each month

- This sponsorship starts from your first post

- After you have completed your monthly posts please send us an e-mail to to renew your agreement with us.



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