- Ambassador Welcome Pack

- Facebook Rules and T&C's
- You must be active within the Facebook group
- Do not discuss orders within Facebook group
- Email us, do not inbox admins on Facebook
- Do not share anything outside the FB group
- Keep posts within the group relevant
- Do not post content with other logos present
- Do not share discount codes from other entitys
- You can't be affiliated with other clothing brands
- You can join a supplement company

We reserve the right at any point to remove your ambassador title if we feel that you have gone against our brand ethics, what our image stands for or failed to comply with any of the rules above.

- Discount Link Setup 
- Login to the AlterEgo Fitness website

- if you don't have account create one
- once you have and your signed in
- scroll down & click "Ambassador Acc"

signup for an affilaite account
- Fill in the fields and click save

- Within 24-48 hours we'll accept you
- log back in after 24-48 hours

- scroll down and click "Ambassador Acc"
- login and click the arrow on the left
- this will expand the menu (mobile users)

- Then go to "Refer Friends"

- Under "Personal URL" tick the box

- Enter something personal like your name
- this will add yor name to the end of our url
- this is now your discount link
- Share this link to earn commission on sales
- a 10% discount will be added
- this will be displayed on every product viewed

- Use lower case letters and no numbers
- currently we do not use discount codes
- but this in the same way if not better
- to test your link, log out of your account
- then type in your url link to a web browser
- & that's it, your all setup.

- Own More Clothing
So, you have ordered your ambassador application package but you want to own more clothing that wasn't an option on the ambassador application page. To do this, click on the menu button from the top and select a category to view all of our available products, then at the checkout apply the discount code "AEARMY" without the quotations at the checkout for 22.5%+ OFF any item from the website. You can find pre-order items by clicking here. These items are not available to the general public, some might not be in stock but will include an estimated time of arrival. Please do not share this pre-order page or discount code with anyone, this is for ambassadors only.

- Please do NOT use the successful ambassador application page for any further purchases, please use the main web store and apply the "AEARMY" discount code at the checkout. If you do, your order will be on hold and will delay your delivery.

- Instagram Shoutouts
- To get shout outs, please do the following:
- Upload a photo on instagram using HD quality
- which must include AlterEgo clothing with the logo
- After uploading the photo, click edit on the photo, 
- tap "tag people" then tag @AlterEgo_Fitness
- Mention @AlterEgo_Fitness and
#UPGRADEYOURWORKOUT in the description

- here are some examples to help you:

- This photo would be considered as a red photo and would not be a priority to upload because it's NOT HD, it's a selfie and the head is cropped out making the photo look less genuine.

- This photo would be considered as an amber priority. It has a better chance of upload because it is a clear HD photo, it is motivating and it's not quite a selfie.

- This photo is what we consider to be a green photo, it's of High Quality, it's motivating, it's NOT a selfie, the logo is clearly visible and it's a photo of the athlete working out.

- Your photo will be then queued
- only amber and green will be uploaded
- Get more shouts by uploading new photos
- Please do NOT tag us in random photos

- Get thousands of followers

- AlterEgo Fitness is now offering a service where we increase your social media following by around 1,000-3,000 followers a month. For more information please click here

- Instagram Accounts & Messages
- AlterEgo Fitness now holds around 15 instagram accounts which each have their own purpose, mainly to do with language support. You may receive messages from them if you have recently followed them or if you have double tapped on an instagram recruitment post. Please do not be alarmed and simply ignore the message. To show support follow each of these accounts, if you add your instagram account name to your AlterEgo Fitness account here
, we can follow you on each of our accounts.

- The Ambassador Role 
- An Ambassador for AlterEgo Fitness means that you are now an official spokesperson for the brand. To help spread the word you can:

- add our website to your Instagram Profile
- add your discount to your bio
- add "AlterEgo Ambassador" to your bio
- follow other people that lift on instagram
- send them a message quoting your discount
- & by doing regular posts offering discounts

Here's an example of what a bio should look like:

- Tasks and duties will include improving sales, increasing brand awareness and becoming an active team player within the Facebook group. How you personally go about this will depend on your own personal skills and abilities. Networking within local gyms and referring us to friends is a great starting point. As an Ambassador you should embody the brand identity in appearance, demeanour, values and ethics.

- Please add your instagram username under your account information on our website. We will add you to a white list and stay following you for ever! Keep engaging with our content on our instagram accounts and we will try to return the love back as much as we can.

- My order says Reserved
- If your account displays "Reserved" on the order status then it looks like you have placed an order on an item that is out of stock. A warning error will have displayed but sometimes it can be missed. You may have an e-mail regarding this issue so please check your spam folder in case you have missed it. If you have received nothing from us please e-mail us on info@AlterEgoFitness.com quoting your order number and we will be right with you.

- My order says Awaiting Balance
- Your have selected the wrong country at the checkout and you have been sent a PayPal request via e-mail to complete the remaining shipping balance to your country. Please e-mail us on info@AlterEgoFitness.com and let us know when you have completed the remaining balance.

- The Wrist Band
- The wristband shows that you are an ambassador for AlterEgo Fitness, keep this with you at all times. If you are attending any events or exhibitions it will help us identify who you are. Please note that we are in no way affiliated with any other brands or exhibitions. We will be in contact with exhibition organisers for discounts. We will release this information to you on Facebook if any developments have been made.

- Our Plans for the Future
- Regular New Releases
- We are on the Search for Celeb Sponsors
- Team Meets and photo/Video Shoots
- World Wide Exhibitions 2018
- & much more 

Please note that building a brand is a very slow process and we appreciate your patience.

- Progressing with AlterEgo
- Sponsorship's can be obtained if: 

A) you have at least 50,000 followers on instagram
B) you have at least 10,000 subscribers on YouTube
C) you have at least 50,000 fans on Facebook or
D) when you have made at least 5 sales per month.

A high amount of followers is needed because the guaranteed traffic you would generate to AlterEgo Fitness would warrant our return of investment.


"That's everything from us for now. You can find delivery estimates for your order here and if your msising an email, always check your spam folder. Gmail users can find some emails in the "social" media folder from time to time.

Thank you for being part of AlterEgo Fitness, we are very excited to be working with you and we know we that have made the right choice in selecting you as a new edition to our team and family.

Why not make a post inside the Facebook group and introduce yourself?"

Owner, Daniel Shaw