What Our Customers Say?

  • Danielle Drake
    "Incredible Trainers and great facility to work out at!"
  • Ricky Brown
    "Love this gym! Great location, great rates, clean showers. I work downtown so it is super convenient to get a quick workout then get back to work quickly. The people that work there are good and this place has everything you need without having to pay the enormous Gainesville Health & Fitness rates."
  • Dustin Lee Lawrence
    "Katie Sonier is the best trainer in Gainesville she listens to your input and won't take giving up as an option, even if your a shrimp like me. She will even tie your shoe mid lunge if necessary to keep you in the game! On a serious note I have scoliosis and she really presses me to keep a good form and is very knowledgeable when it comes to good posture and creating a solid foundation for your lifestyle"
  • Jennifer Brisach
    "Alter Ego is a great place to go to work out. I regularly attend class on my lunch and Jorge and Ron are great instructors. The Zumba instructor is also very good as well as the personal trainers. All in all a great gym."
  • Bobby Jensen
    "Great gym! I always get the best mid day workout by going there on my lunch break. Never too crowded. Staff is super friendly and helpful."