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Ron Ballatore         Gaby Angulo

Ron Ballatore


I want all of my clients to feel like they are my only client. Every client is unique with different goals in mind. My job is to work with the strengths and limitations of every individual I meet to create a workout routine that will yield the greatest chance for success. I wish to create an environment for learning. Teaching every client I work with not only how to do every exercise properly, but also why the movements and programs are important to do. I want my clients to ask questions like “why are we doing this?” and “why is this program better than this other one?”

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Gaby Angulo


I believe that “you don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great”! My passion is helping others to achieve their goals, to become stronger than ever before, and be the best version of themselves. This is achieved through a personalized exercise program for each client, discipline, and motivation. We can make your goals a reality today!

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Pedro Ayuso

General Manager

We believe in treating our employees with respect and fairness and we ask the same in return. We have very little turnover due the positive atmosphere we create at all times and value we place on everyone’s ideas and input. We thrive on positive energy and passion for health! If this sounds like it’s up your alley, please apply by sending your resume to We do require a resume by email before applying in person. Once you send in your resume, you can expect a response within 24 hours. Thanks!

Personal Trainers: We are always looking for talented trainers that encompass the qualities listed above, have national certifications, and hold the philosophy that clients’ results are the top priority. We have a two-part assessment for trainers that includes both working out on the floor and a sit down interview.

Other Positions: We are currently looking for GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTORS! Pilates, Step, Zumba, Hip Hop, possibly other creative and highly demanded classes. Please send your resume to

Interns: We do accept internship applications and are an accepted Internship Provider with the University of Florida.